5 Best Hidden Call Recorder Apps For Android

What is hidden call recorder?

In the age of Information Technology, we are constantly leaving behind our digital footprints whether we’re shopping online or watching content online or sending emails. All of this information that we let out to the internet can be accessed using various apps available to us at nominal prices. These hidden call recorder apps can be downloaded and installed on a device whose activities need to be monitored and then the targeted device’s information can be accessed from an online portal or an app on your own phone.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

Why you need a hidden call recorder?

If you’re looking for a hidden call recorder app for android that helps you watch out for your kids or spouses or employees, these apps are the go-to. Cyberbullying is a dangerous reality of today’s world. So, keep your children from being easy targets for predators on the internet and protect them from pornography using these hidden call recorder apps for Android. You could also use these apps for preventing your employees from engaging with piracy or your spouses from cheating. These call recorder hide apps let you monitor your loved ones’ activities by storing call logs, text messages, social activities, etc.

Top 5 best-hidden call recorder for Android

  1. 1.Spyzie
  2. 2.mspy
  3. 3.flexispy
  4. 4.Hellospy
  5. 5.thetrustspy


Spyzie is an online portal used for tracking activities on a device you’ve targeted. You can access information and monitor call logs, text messages, WhatsApp and other social media history, browser history, locations, photos and calendar evens. Apart from being pretty easy to set up, you do not need to jailbreak or root the targeted device for this app to work. Just make some settings on your targeted device and set up an account on Spyzie to avail its world class spyware.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

  • 6000+ Devices Supported: Spyzie supports most of android and iOS devices
  • Cloud Spy Solution: Spy the targeted device anytime and anywhere
  • Easy Setup: Easy to use and install
  • Works in stealth mode after installation
  • Full Technical Support: A professional team to guide you through
  • No Rooting or Jailbreaking the Targeted Device
  • Customized Monitory Solutions Also Available
  • Economical Subscriptions Available

Pricing: Premium Edition: $29.99 for 1-month subscription

$39.99 for 3-month subscription

$89.99 for 1-year subscription

Ultimate Edition: $39.99/month for one-month subscription

$49.99 for 3-month subscription

$99.99 for 1-year subscription

Link: https://my.spyzie.com

2. mSpy

Another hidden call recorder app that lets you monitor activities on the targeted phone is mSpy. Once installed on the target phone, you can access information using the product key after activation. How you access information from the targeted phone is by logging into the online portal that stores all of the information from the target such as text messages (even WhatsApp), call logs, location services history and browser history. It’s not just this, mSpy can be used to detect social media history too.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t require jail-breaking
  • Keylogger so you can look at every key stroke made on the target phone
  • Parental controls that let you block certain websites and more such features
  • Great customer service
  • Can monitor multiple devices from a single account
  • Not just compatible with Android or iPhone but also Mac and Windows

Pricing: Basic, Premium and Bundle Kit. Prices ranging from $30 to $230.

Link: http://www.mspy.com

3. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY has one of the best features in the market. It lets you use Call Interception which means you can secretly listen into ongoing phone calls and even record them. Once installed on the targeted device, it runs in the background and tracks each and every activity including call logs, GPS, text messages, social media activity, photos and more. The user can then access all of this information through either an online portal or mobile app on his own phone. However, it uses jailbreaking as a medium to track information from the target. It has two versions: Premium as well as Extreme.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

  • Call Interception
  • Hidden call recorder app that runs secretly in the background
  • Record surroundings and log onto your FlexiSPY account to access all of the info
  • RemCam lets you take a view of the surroundings through the camera on the target phone

Pricing:Premium Version: $149 for 1-year subscription

Extreme Version: $349 for 1-year subscription

Link: http://www.flexispyapp.com

4. helloSPY

Yet another hidden call recorder app or a spy app that lets you track activities of a targeted device. Even though there have been a few complaints about it being not completely safe, the app works quite smoothly and secretly in the background on the targeted device to let you track text messages including WhatsApp, call logs, photos, GPS and browser history.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

  • Works secretly in the background to deliver precise information
  • Free of cost
  • No jailbreaking or rooting required as such
  • Available for both Android as well as iOS

Pricing: Free of cost


5. thetruthSPY

This hidden call recorder app for Android can be used for so much more than monitoring activities on the targeted device. You can do the regular tracking of messages, SMS, call logs, emails, WhatsApp texts using this app but you can also use it to back up all of this information to have an in-detail report of every call, text, email sent ever.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

  • Ease of using and installation
  • Effective and safe method of tracking information and backing it up
  • Regular reports of call logs, messages, web browser history for a detailed analysis

Pricing: $16.99 for Standard, $19.99 for Premium, $22.99 for Gold.

Link: http://thetruthspy.com/

How to use Spyzie to record call for Android?

Follow the steps to know how to use Spyzie, the best hidden call recorder app for Android, to record calls secretly and easily:

1. Create an account on Spyzie by registering with your email ID. After registering, you willreceive the credentials on your email.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

  1. On the pricing page, select a version based on how many features you want to avail.
  2. Install the hidden call recorder app on the targeted device and make the necessary settings. Identify the owner of the monitored phone on the app and choose the operating system of the targeted device, i.e. Android.
    For making necessary settings for the hidden call recorder app to work on your targeted device, do this:
    Go to Settings>”Lock Screen and Security”>Toggle the “Unknown Sources” ON and then click “OK”

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

4.Download Spyzie and install it. You will find the app on the “Set-Up Wizard” page.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

5. Open the app and sign into your Spyzie account. Then, click on “Start” to activate it and once it is activated, the icon will be deleted and the app will now run in the background, undercover and efficient.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

Note: Complete the set up procedure on the device you’re going to use to look at the monitored activities. On Control Panel on the Set-Up Wizard page, you will find the download link or look for it in the confirmation email you received after registering your account. You can use the various controls to sync the data on the app from your target device. However, if the targeted device is switched off or the internet is disabled, the app won’t be able to sync the data.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

Then, you’ll be taken to the control panel where you can find all the options that are available to you. You can navigate these options using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen where you’ll find ‘Call Recording’ near the bottom.

Best 5  Hidden Call Recorder for Android

Click here, and you’ll be able to set up your call recording preferences and start recording and exporting calls to your heart’s content.

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