How to record conversation on Android

Before entering into the matter, a couple of details we should take into account. Recording a telephone conversation is legal as long as the person recording is one of the interlocutors. Recording to third parties without their consent is illegal. And if we want we do not have to inform that we are recording the call. But remember, we always have to be the one who speaks during the call.

There are many reasons why to record a call. As much as to be able to remember some instructions, to keep like gold in cloth a conversation with someone who you admire or if you need a proof of a claim or lawsuit.

It is illegal to record a telephone conversation if you do not participate in it in many countries. However, it is legal to record it without the consent of the other person as long as this recording is not made public, it can also be used as evidence in a lawsuit. The recordings made with the consent of the two parties are totally legal. Before recording any call, make sure it is not illegal in the country where you are.

Three different Apps to record conversation on Android

You may discover a suitable app to record conversations android among many in Google Play. The apps basically work more or less in the same way. Here we present three most popular apps which in our opinion are the simplest and most practical:

Call Recording – ACR

record conversation on android

Among the applications to record calls with the most popular mobile, we find this. Although it is free, we have to warn you that many of its functions are Pro, so you have to pay a license of 3 euros to access them. In any case, the most important thing has no cost. ACR will allow you to record calls without any problem at the touch of a button. The application also has a comfortable and easy interface with which you can label recordings as important so that they are not auto deleted or group the recordings by date. It offers a multitude of recording formats (ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav) and gives the possibility to show the photo and the name of the contact.


  • Auto email
  • Automatic or manual recording
  • Integration with Dropbox
  • Integration with WebDAV
  • Integration with Google Drive


  • It can’t be used in conjunction with other call records and need to try different recording formats (ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav) to get best one for Android
  • Due to capacities of different chipset/CPU or Android version some cell phones do not maintain call recording appropriately

Call Recorder

record conversation on android

As its name suggests, this application will allow you to record calls with the device at any time or place. It offers a very friendly interface, very simple and with extra features. And is that, Call Recorder not only allows you to immortalize a voice conversation, it will also protect it by storing it in the cloud with a password. This is very useful at any given moment, you have to keep an important work call or formalize an agreement that you do not want to be lost in any case.


  • Automatic call recorder
  • Record outgoing call - record incoming calls
  • Record your conversations mechanically while calling.
  • You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SD card.
  • Organize your call records. You can view all your calls with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates.


If this software does not work with your device or if the quality is down:

  • You need to transform different recording file types: mpg, ogg, mp3, ar in settings.
  • Your Source need to be changed: VOICE CALL or MIC in settings.

Smart Auto Call Recorder

record conversation on android

This tool is much more elaborate app to record conversations android, since it offers intelligent functions. We find options to record different sources of sound or to block the screen, thus avoiding intrusive eavesdropping. It also allows you to delete files automatically after a while, as well as synchronize files without having to do anything. Like the previous application, it has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Another advantage is that it is completely free and allows you to record calls on WhatsApp.


  • Clear voice also on speaker mode.
  • Pay no attention to the list to not record calls from contact listed there.
  • Option to record only the calls from unknown callers.
  • Supports most of the available phones out there.
  • Fully Automatic Recording, Just install and forget


  • Old recordings are deleted automatically.
  • Only in the case of pro version the Cloud addition is available.
  • Some phones do not support recording the call correctly due to the capabilities different chips

How to record conversation on Android remotely

One of the best app to record conversations android is Spyzie. It is a free app that lets you record all the calls you want and save them to your phone. In addition, you can also send the recordings to personal Dropbox or Google Drive accounts so you can access them from any device. With this application, we will be able to record calls in a very simple way. Here are the steps:

1. Create An Account

First of all, you should have a valid email address. After registration, you will get the login information and app download links via this email address. If you want to access all sophisticated features you have to buy a premium or latest version. To get more details about the pricing packages please visit the official website of Spyzie. Then you can choose which plan will adjust according to your wish.

record conversation on android

2. Install the App

You have to go through a setup course after finishing registration. If your target device is beside you then within few minutes you could complete every step, such as- setting up the monitoring app and do required settings on the target device. For identifying the owner of the target phone you have to put a name on the first page of the Setup Wizard. Selecting the operating system of the target device is compulsory. So, select the option "Android" to carry on. Fill up the following settings on the target device which are given below:

record conversation on android

Firstly, go to the "Setting" and discover the option "Lock screen and security". Click "OK" later than enabling the option "Unknown Sources".

record conversation on android

Secondly, the monitoring app should be downloaded and installed. You may detect the download link of the app on the Setup Wizard page. Now visit the download page through your target device. Select "Download". When this is over, you will discover the APK file at the pop-up window "Notifications" or in the folder "downloads".

record conversation on android

Thirdly, open the recently installed app and log in your Spyzie account. After that select "Start" to turn on the service of the device manager. Remember please, every consent request must be permissible in this step. On one occasion the service is activated, the app icon will be vanished involuntarily. It will effort in secrecy mode.

record conversation on android

3. Record the conversations via Control Panel

As soon as the setting up process on the target phone is finished, you may return to your Control Panel. The wizard page will be sent to your device dashboard. Using control panel you can record the calls online at any time. At the first time, it may take few minutes when you are accessing the control panel to record conversations from the monitored device. You will notice a function menu on the top of left side showing all sustained features. To record new conversations you may tick the refresh icon on the control panel, but if the accessed android phone is not connected to the internet or powered off, the Spyzie server will not work and record any new conversation to your dashboard.

record conversation on android

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