How to record conversation on iPhone

In the present world where moral values are thinning day by day, it is very important to keep our children from bad influence. You should keep a close eye on the behavior of your child to see that they don’t go out of your hands. It is necessary to give them personal space but there are times that you have to involve yourself to protect their moral sense.

If your children also show strange behavior and keep glued to his phone, then you should be ready to take certain measures to ensure that your child doesn’t get involved with wrong people. If they stay on long calls a day in and day out, there are many spy software online that you can use to record conversation on iPhone to check the content of their calls. Though your worry may be for nothing, it will give you a satisfaction that they aren’t going down the wrong path. Businesses also can use call recording to see what their employees are doing on company issued phone.

Also, recording calls sometimes are more of a legal matter than spying on your kids. There are in times when you need to record your conversation with someone so that it can later work as a proof in legal cases if the other party breaks their promise. A call recording can act as a proof in court cases. One can also record a call if someone is harassing them by calling again and again. Truth be told, they may be many reasons when you want to record conversation on iPhone. But iPhone doesn’t have a call recording function and doesn’t allow third-party apps to record calls. But there are still ways to record a call on iPhone.

How to record conversation on iPhone with Google Voice app

The first way to record conversation on iPhone is through Google Voice app. There are many restrictions on iPhone that doesn’t allow users record phone calls. But Google voice free app allows you to record an incoming call and is free to use. Google Voice is a VoIP service that lets you make phone calls, send messages free of charge. When you register with the Google voice, you get a phone number that is specific to your Google account. You can also send and receive a voicemail through Google Voice app.

But like other Google apps, Google app also doesn’t work if you don’t have a Google account. So, if you don’t have a Google account and want to use Google Voice to record conversation on iPhone; signup to Google and enjoy their free Google Voice app. Follow the below steps if you want to know how to record conversation on iPhone with the help of Google Voice app-

Step 1: First you have to enable the voice recording feature in the Google Voice.

Step 2: Now go to settings by tapping on Menu button.

record conversation on iphone

Step 3: Find the “Incoming call options” by scrolling down through the list.

Step 4: Enable the switch on the right to enable the recording function. Now you are all set to record conversation on iPhone.

record conversation on iphone

Step 5: Now when you receive a call, press 4 and Google voice will give an automated voice prompt notifying that recording has started. Press 4 again or terminate the call if you want to stop recording.

You should remember that the automated voice will alert both parties involved in the call, so you can’t record conversation on iPhone covertly. Moreover, Google will save the recorded conversation on your Google Voice inbox in recordings section.

How to view recorded conversation/messages on other`s iPhone

If you want to view recorded conversation/messages on other’s iPhone, then there are many spying apps are available on the internet. But in our opinion, Spyzie is the best app if you want to record conversation on iPhone.

Spyzie is the best spying and monitoring tool that lets you spy on someone through your device. It is available for both Android and iOS. With Spyzie, you can see all activities, from messages, call logs, chat history, web history; emails sent and received, photos, videos stored on their devices, etc. Spyzie provides you all these information on your own device whether it is a phone, computer, tablet or Laptop with the help of internet. But it can only send reports if you and the target device are both connected to the internet. Otherwise, it will send the report when there is an internet connection.

With Spyzie you can record and later view Chat conversation/messages on other’s iPhone from your own device. Follow the steps if you want to view conversation/messages present on someone’s iPhone.

Step 1: You need a Spyzie account if you want to use Spyzie. So visit their official website and sign up there to use the service of Spyzie.

record conversation on iphone

Step 2: After signup, fill the details of the target device like iCloud account associated with the device and iOS version and click on Verify.

record conversation on iphone

Step 3: When verification is complete, you can monitor the activities of the target.

Step 4: To view messages and conversation, click on Messages on the side panel and select the message or conversation that you want to view.

record conversation on iphone

Though Spyzie doesn’t have the call recording feature for iPhone yet, you can view text conversations and messages on the target iPhone through Spyzie on your own device.

Monitoring call recording and messages of an iPhone are very important for businesses who want to know what their employees are doing on their company given the phone. Also, parents can keep a check on their kids to keep them from going down the wrong path. But when recording a call, you should keep in mind that it can be illegal in some areas to record a call without the consent of another party as it can be viewed as a security threat.

But if are just doing it to monitor your employees or kids, you can do it with various apps available online. Spyzie is one such app that lets you keep an eye on the activities on a target device by sending you detailed logs at timely intervals. It will enable employers to see what their employees are doing during work hours and are not wasting their time on idle conversations.

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