The Best Spy Cell Phone Recorders in 2018

In this hectic world, money is most important tool to run our subsidy. Unfortunately, we are missing our happiness to spend our time with our beloved ones, due to over time spending on cell phone. This may lead them to live in a bad handling and situations. It’s our responsibility to observe their actions. We have a solution on this! You can track the cell phone recordings using the cell phone recorder spy app. As a good well wisher – this kind of apps will help for your beloved one’s to be sincere to carry your affection. A single app will change your life as much you expect.

The cell phone recorder app will automatically record the voice recordings of the target user. You can do this without their presence or absence. You can ensure their activities with perfect evidences. Try your best to get your loved ones back to you!

Top 3 Spy Cell Phone Recorders in 2018

1. Spyzie

Spyzie – We can better name it as “All-in-one” and cell phone recorder spy app monitoring software used widely all over the world. This is perfect choice for organizations and home relationship. The spyzie app has ranked 1st among the other tracking software. Spyzie have not only designed for cell phone recordings. It has many features such as you can track the SMS, contacts, WhatsApp, video, photos, folders, documents, browsing history, call logs and social media accounts. It records the incoming and outgoing calls and uploads to the dashboard directly.


  • It is compatible on both Android and iPhone device.
  • No technology knowledge needed to use the spyzie.


No trial version is available and the only option is you have to do subscription.

cell phone recorder spy

2. Mobile-spy

In the organizations, the most familiar cell phone recorder spy app is Mobile-spy. From the reviews and ratings you can understand the real term of Mobile- spy. It has the interface very suitable to all the users and you can track the target person from remote point. You can even track the target user laptop too.


  • You can track the SMS, contacts, photos, videos and social media accounts.
  • Its entire control is deliberated with remote access point.


Many users are not adaptable to use Email login in Android device.

cell phone recorder spy

3. Flexispy

Flexispy – The foremost said monitoring software flexible for all android and iPhone device users. You can record the call both the outgoing and incoming. It directly uploads the recordings to the dashboard and it is a cell phone recorder spy.


  • The customer support is available at all 24 hours and they will guide if you have any trouble.
  • It uploads all the evidences directly to the dashboard and you can download it whenever you want.


  • It has no trial version and the expense is very high.

cell phone recorder spy











It is compatible with Android, iPhone, Lenova, HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Huawei and Google Nexus.


It is compatible with iPhone and Android.


It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry.




Available features


You can record calls, SMS, call history, browsing history, photos, contacts and social media accounts.


You can access SMS, photos, videos, social media accounts and recordings.


You can record the calls, SMS, photos, videos, social media accounts etc.




Geofencing and tracking


Yes, it is available.


Yes, it is available


Yes, it is available.




Keystroke logging


You have the keystroke logging method.


You can access the keystroke logging easily.


You are eligible to access the keystroke logging.






You have options to use jailbreak. It is not compulsory.


It requires the jailbreak system for the security purpose.


If you phone is advanced from now, then you require the jailbreak system.

Note: From the above comparison, you can conclude that Spyzie- is best among all the monitoring software with bright features and up-to-date technology have been used. Perfect match for your spying method!

How to spy phone calls with Spyzie?

You can track the target user phone calls by checking their call history using the Spyzie as the monitoring software. To understand the process below we are providing the steps to start using this important tool that is Spyzie.

Step 1: Create the account using the username and password. This is must to give the original details to verify the account.

cell phone recorder spy

Step 2: After the step (1), complete the registration process such as entering the target user name, operating system they use and the age.

cell phone recorder spy

Step 3: Android user tracking method:

In your Android device, go to the settings and from there choose security. Select “Unknown sources” and click the “OK”. From the target device, install the spyzie software and you will get the apk file. It will help you to install the setup and to hide the icon from the target device. Now, from your device open the software and click the “Start” button.

cell phone recorder spy

cell phone recorder spy

Step 4: Track in iOS:

After step 2, In the iPhone, once you have chosen iOS device, you have only one method to verify. You will get the iCloud homepage screen to enter the username and password.

cell phone recorder spy

Step 5: After finishing all the steps, you can see the dashboard which directs you automatically. In the dashboard, choose the call history option to know the phone calls of target user. It will display the incoming and outgoing call with time specification. You can even take a screenshot.

cell phone recorder spy

Guide to record the Spyzie surrounding sound of the target user

On the control panel, choose the call recordings option from the left side of menu. Click the button “Start”.

cell phone recorder spy

Your file will be uploaded directly without any trouble.

Friends! Use the app for legal purpose. Spyzie is designed for legal purpose and it won’t support for illegal purpose. We have explained you the cell phone recorder spy app – Spyzie. It gives 100% result so just follow the guide to get the best ever result you received anywhere and all the best for your actions!

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