Best 5 Contact Spy App for iPhone and Android

All parents worry about their kids falling into bad company. The internet and social media have increased this possibility.

Parents want to find out whom their teenagers mix with, but find this difficult to do. Their young ones are extremely attached to their mobile devices.

The solution? Contact Spy Apps. These handy tools allow them to find out who their young ones' friends are. And they can do a lot more.

What is a contact spy App?

The words Contact Spy App may seem alien to you. You may wonder what such applications do.

The word 'Contact" says a lot. Such applications grant you access to a target phone's contacts. They will tell you what a user has been doing on his phone. The purpose of such an app is, of course, to spy on the contacts listed in a target phone. It does this in several ways.

Besides tracing the call history on the phone, it monitors messages. It tracks internet activity and the user's location, via GPS, as well.

You can find out how 'naughty' a contact is by looking at the images and videos he or she sends the target phone's user.

Why would you need a contact spy app?

Though accessing someone's phone may seem like a breach of privacy, it's sometimes necessary. You may want to see a phone's contact list for various reasons.

Perhaps your child has been keeping secrets from you. Find out from his friends.

Data is costly. Hacking your teen's phone will show you if he has been using precious data to talk to his friends.

Cybercrime is rampant these days. Your child might be too frightened to tell you that he is a victim of it. Accessing his phone’s contacts will tell you if he is.

The Top 5 Contact Spy Apps


Best 5 Contact Spy App for iphone and android

The first app on our list is Spyzie, one of the best phone spy applications to date. It tells you everything you need to know about a target phone.

Spyzie lets you see what a phone's user sees. Besides spying on a mobile phone's call history and contact list, Spyzie tells you about his message activity. View the messages on the phone's system, as well as its Whatsapp call history.

It includes GPS location tracking, so you'll always know where your family members are. Besides this. It accesses a target phone's camera and allows you to download its photographs.

Spyzie's top draw is that it is versatile. Besides monitoring contact lists and chat history, you can view the phone's calendar so that you can get an idea of your loved one's schedule. A keylogger alerts you whenever your loved one logs into his phone.

Spyzie is affordable. The Premium edition of the application is $29.99, while the Ultimate Edition costs $10 more at $39.99. It's compatible with all desktops and mobile phones.

2.The Truth Spy

Best 5 Contact Spy App for iphone and android

If you want to know who your loved one has been sending SMS messages to in the middle of the night, The Truth Spy can help.

The Truth Spy gives you a good view of your loved one's contact list. It tracks your loved one's video calls on Viber and Google Hangouts. Furthermore, you can view his SMS messages on Facebook and Snapchat. It is an active keylogger, so you'll know the instant he uses the phone.

The most significant boon of this application is that it accesses many platforms. It hacks any social media and video platform.

And it's affordable. A standard package costs $21.99, a Premium Package $25.99, and Gold $30.99. It works on all desktops and mobile phones. Download it at

3.Hello Spy

Best 5 Contact Spy App for iphone and android

Do you wonder who your teen has been calling at all hours of the day? Hello Spy may have the answer. 

This application does more than just browse through a target phone's contact list. It tracks its location via GPS and reads its SMS messages. It also shows downloaded photos and videos, so you'll know if your teen is viewing what he shouldn't. Screen his internet usage and find out if he's made recordings of your conversations. Track lost or stolen phones as well.

The most fabulous draw of this application is that it's 100% undetectable. The target phone's user won't know that you're checking on his messages.

Hello Spy is compatible with all devices. Using it for one month costs $29.00 while using it for a year costs $119.00. The download for Android phones is available at while the download for iPhones is at


Best 5 Contact Spy App for iphone and android

 MSpy is another efficient way for people to monitor a target phone's contact list. It has a multitude of other features as well.

 Besides being able to read a target phone's contact list and text messages, it accesses emails. MSpy also tracks a phone's location. Monitor a child's internet use. Are you afraid that he'll 'forget' to tell you about a critical parent-teacher meeting? Access his calendar.

 The best part about MSpy is its remote control of the target device. Wipe out any unwanted images before its user gets to see them.

 MSpy is available to all desktops and mobile devices. The price of a Basic package is at $22.49, while the Premium package costs $149.99. Bundle Kits, which include MSpy for desktops and mobile phones, are available at $172.99.


Best 5 Contact Spy App for iphone and android

FlexiSpy can access a target phone's contacts and more. It is a reliable contact spy tool.

FlexiSpy accesses call logs and has a powerful keylogger that records entire keystrokes. You can listen to live Skype calls, whether made via the phone's data carrier or a VOIP messenger. Read messages on IM Chats, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and We Chat. Read the emails it receives as well. FlexiSpy's best feature? It allows a user to delete messages with target keywords.

What stands out about FlexiSpy is its usability. It's easy to install. Manipulate it using online remote commands. Updating new versions of it is a breeze as well.

FlexiSpy is available for both PCs and mobile devices. It's downloadable at A Premium package costs $68 while an Extreme Package costs $199.

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