Top 10 Free Facebook Hacking Tools You Can't Miss

Facebook is no doubt the world leading social media site with over 1 billion active users using the website on a daily basis. Many people use Facebook for personal, business and entertainment purposes. Regardless of what you do on Facebook, did you know that you can hack another Facebook account or have your account hacked? If you didn't; now you do. This is very possible thanks to Facebook hacking tools.

Facebook hacking tools are types of tools that can be used to hack a Facebook account and retrieve data from the target account. In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 of the best Facebook hacking tools that you shouldn’t miss out on as long as you want to hack into someone else Facebook account.

Part 1: Spyzie Facebook Hacking Tool

To each and everybody searching for the best Facebook hacking tool, look no further than Spyzie. Though we have various Facebook hacking tools, none gives you the peace of mind as compared to Spyzie. Once you install this Facebook hacking tool, you will be in a position to keep track of the Facebook messages, monitor the account holder regardless of their location as well as remotely control the phone installed with the hacking tool.

Facebook Hacking Tool

The good thing about using Spyzie is the fact that you are guaranteed results and privacy. As a matter of fact, Spyzie cannot be detected once installed in the device. Also, Spyzie has a lot of positive reviews from various companies, a fact that indicates the importance and significance impact of the Spyzie program.

Spyzie is by far one of the most popular mobile monitoring services in the entire industry, and although it’s one of the latest and most recent releases, it’s certainly making a name for itself in terms of easy usability and a level of high performance you simply don’t see with other apps.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, you don’t even need to root or jailbreak the device for this to work. What’s more, in addition to hacking Facebook, you can even track the device’s location in real-time using GPS, see all internet activity that has occurred on the device and even take advantage of the built-in keylogger features.

How to hack a Facebook account using Spyzie

Here’s how it works.

  1. Sign up for a free Spyzie account. If you’re not ready to choose a service, a free trial period is available.
  2. Install the application to your chosen device. This method varies depending on the operating system, so make sure that you follow the right instructions. (iOS / Android)
  3. Once installed, sign into your account using the details you created in step one on either your mobile device or a desktop computer. This will take you to your Spyzie dashboard.
  4. Scroll down the navigation menu on the left-hand side and select the ‘Social Apps’ option. Here, you can click ‘Facebook’.
  5. You’ll be able to see all the messages that have been sent and received to the account here, including the date, the ability to search for specific contacts and several other filtering options.

Facebook Hacking Tool

This provides you with all the Facebook information you’ll need. Don’t forget that Spyzie operates remotely, meaning you can log into your account using any device from anywhere in the world and you’ll still be able to access the information you’re looking for.

Part 2: SpyMyFone Facebook Hacking Tool

If you are in search of a simple Facebook hack tool that will no doubt guarantee you results, look no further than SpyMyFone Facebook hacking tool. With this Facebook hacking tool, you will be in a position to monitor each and every message that gets sent and received in the hacked Facebook account.

SpyMyFone Facebook Hacking Tool

For you to be able to hack Facebook and monitor each and every status, you must first purchase the tool and download. Install SpyMyFone on mobile device that you would like to hack. Once installed, head back to your SpyMyFone dashboard and start monitoring.

Part 3: iKeylogger Facebook Hacking Tool

Keyloggers are hacking tools whose primary function is to retrieve passwords without the knowledge of the target. The iKeylogger Facebook hacking tool is a perfect example of a Keylogger. Once you have installed this hacking tool in the device in question, you will be in a position to get each and every password that is entered in the target device. What this simply means is that, if you want to hack a certain Facebook account, simply install this Facebook hacking tool in the device in question. The moment the user keys in his/her login details, you will be able to record the passwords and use them to login in the same Facebook account.

iKeylogger Facebook Hacking Tool

Part 4: iSpyoo Facebook Hacking Tool

Another great Facebook hacking tool is the iSpyoo program. iSpyoo gives you the opportunity hack various social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessenger, and Viber. Just like the rest of the Facebook hacking tools explained in this article, you must first purchase this tool and create an account. Once you do this, download the iSpyoo Facebook hack tool on the target device. With this done, log into your iSpyoo account and select Facebook. You should be in a position to access all the messages that are exchanged or shared between the user and his/her friends.

iSpyoo Facebook Hacking Tool

Part 5: Copy9 Facebook Hacking Tool

Copy9 is a multifunctional Facebook hacking tool that provides you with a lot of features which include but not limited to tracking calls, device remote control, GPS tracking and most importantly, this hacking tool is 100% undetectable once installed.

Copy9 Facebook Hacking Tool

For you to hack Facebook, you must first purchase this hacking tool and install it on the target device. Please note that you must root your Android device for this tool to work efficiently.

Part 6: Facebook Password Finder Hacking Tool

The Facebook Password Finder is a one of a kind Facebook hacking tool that will help you retrieve any password from any account with the greatest ease ever. With this hacking tool, all you need to hack the account is the email address that was used to register the account.

Facebook Password Finder Hacking Tool

For you to hack a Facebook account, you must first download and install the Facebook hack tool on your PC. Click on the “Get Code” option to complete the download process. Once you have downloaded the program, launch it and enter the email address of the Facebook account that you want to hack. Follow the prompts listed and the wait for the program to hack the Facebook account and issue you with the password.

Part 7: AndroidMonitor Facebook Hacking Tool

The AndroidMonitor app gives you the freedom to hack any Facebook account, read the Facebook messages, view the photos, and if you want, you can reply to the messages sent. Just like any other hacking tool, you must download this hacking tool in the device in question. The downside of this hacking tool is the fact that it is applicable only in Android devices.

AndroidMonitor Facebook Hacking Tool

Please note that, for this Facebook hacking tool to work, you must set the Android device to accept external applications other than those present in Play Store.

Part 8: Appmia Facebook Hacking Tool

Appmia is another simplified Facebook hacking tool that allows you to hack and track each and every message sent from the hacked user to his followers. Apart from hacking a Facebook account, Appmia gives you the freedom to hack other social media sites such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and iMessage. You can also monitor multimedia files, locate the actual location of the user as well as oversee the internet usage and emails sent or received.

Appmia Facebook Hacking Tool

The good thing about this hacking tool is the fact that you can still retrieve Facebook files even without an active internet connection. Simply click on the “download” option, and the files will be downloaded as a worksheet file.

Part 9: Facebook Account Hacker

Another Facebook hacking tool that can hack and retrieve data from any Facebook account is no secret the Facebook Account Hacker. For you to use this Facebook hack tool, you must first download and install the program on your PC. The downloaded file will be in WinRAR format. Open it and download the files. Once the file has been downloaded, the hacking tool will be active. You can now open it and enter the username of the account in question and click on the “Hack Password” option. The tool will hack the Facebook account and give you access to the account.

Facebook Account Hacker

Part 10: GuestSpy Facebook Hacking Tool

GuestSpy is a pocket-friendly app that allows you to hack as well as spy on various iPhones without the knowledge of the user. Once you have installed this Facebook hacking tool on the target mobile device or PC, you will be in a position to view the Facebook chat logs, get dates and stamps as to when the messages were sent or received, as well as get access to pictures, video calls, and audio files.

GuestSpy Facebook Hacking Tool

This hacking tool comes with an easy to use interface which makes it simple for you to use it and get access to each and every Facebook account that you deem relevant.

Though we have various Facebook hacking tools, choosing the one that works perfectly for you should be your ultimate goal. When selecting a Facebook hacking tool, always make sure that you perfectly understand the policies that govern the use of that hacking tool. The notion behind this argument is the fact that some hacking tools cannot protect you if you happen to get caught in the act. Therefore, choose a Facebook hack tool that evenly covers you.

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