How To Track A Cell Phone Location By Number

Many a time it becomes necessary to track phone to confirm the well-being of the phone bearer.

Till the time, the Freedom of Information Act was passed, tracking someone else’s phone was possible for only the restricted few. However now you also have the privilege of tracking down a phone’s location without being considered guilty. But, as civilians, your action might be regarded as hacking if the phone is not registered in your name.

Teenagers and youngsters are highly susceptible to dangers and tend to hide their whereabouts from the parents. So, as parents, you surely would like to know the location of your kids.

If you are a business owner, you might feel the need of tracking your employees’ activities during office hours.

With a justifiable reason go ahead and track the phone location and the phone’s activities. Once you do it, you will be able to follow the phone bearer’s location also.

Can I Track A Cell Phone with Just the Number?

With the advancement of technology, it is indeed possible to track a cell phone location by number only. You don’t need the phone’s GPS to be switched on anymore to know the location of the phone. You can use a bug to track the cell phone location by number.

Read on to discover how you can track the phone by number.

How to Hack a Phone Using Number to track Its Location

If you want to locate your lost phone or if you keen to ensure the safety of your family members, the following easy steps will help you do it.

  1. The phone you want to track should be switched on.
  2. You any text app to send the bug to the phone. This bug will help you to track a cell phone location by number.
  3. The receiver of the text message needs to click on the link provided in the text. He should not be able to guess your motive from the text message. In fact, he should feel convinced to click on the link.

Once the link is accessed, the bug will be installed on the phone and help you to locate the handset. Though it might sound pretty simple, this bug requires a lot of complicated coding. If you are not a technical person, you will not be able to do this coding. Moreover, the message should be compelling and convincing enough because if the receiver does not click on the link, your purpose will not be solved.

You will face the most significant challenge with this technique if it gets disclosed. If the receiver of your message gets to realise that his phone is being tracked, he can just reset the phone’s current setting and restore the factory setting. This will remove the bug from the phone.

As a solution to your problem, Spyzie has come with the best possible technique in the market. Track phone by number without any hassles.

The alternative - How to Track A Cell Phone Location via Spyzie

Spyzie is parental monitoring software which will not only help you to track cell phone location by number, but you can also monitor the activities of the handset.

  1. You can access the entire contact list of the target device. So, if it’s your kid, you will know who all his friends are.
  2. The calendars, memos and task stored in the phone.
  3. All the media file will be available to you giving you clarity on the type on the quality of songs and videos. You will also have access to the photo gallery, screenshots and documents saved in the mobile phone.
  4. Texting is an essential mode of communication, and you will have access to it.
  5. You will be able to monitor the applications installed on the phone.
  6. You will get a notification whenever the Sim card of the phone you are tracking is changed.
  7. Web tracking will enable you to know the various internet activities, including the social media activities.
  8. Monitor call logs including all incoming and outgoing calls from the mobile.
  9. Distant access to your phone which means the moment you observe any undesirable activity, you can lock the phone remotely. Also in case of theft, you can lock your phone for protection.
  10. Along with location tracking, geo-fencing is also available. This feature will notify you if your kid enters any restricted area.

Some other benefits of Spyzie are:

  1. You can use the trial version before purchasing. Monthly subscription starts at $29.99
  2. If you have the iCloud backup activated in the target phone, the iPhone can be accessed without physically installing the app.
  3. It is compatible with Android and iOS.
  4. You can take screenshots from your dashboard which if required in future can act as your reference.
  5. You can spy without the phone bearer’s knowledge.
  6. You can track location by phone number without possessing any technical skills.

This app is handy for parents to keep track of their kids. Even if you do not have kids, this app can be of enormous benefit to you. Our handsets contain a lot of our secured and private data. In case it gets misplaced or stolen, you can immediately lock it and track it using the Spyzie app. This way you will not only retrieve your phone, but you can also protect the data in it.

Steps to use Spyzie to track a cell phone location

1. Create a free Spyzie account

Spy Android

3. Once you log in, it will take you to the setup page where you need to key in the necessary details.

4. Get physical access to the target’s phone and install the app in it.

5. Select the target phone’s OS and go through the series of setup process. This might take some time. After completing the installation, the app will get deleted from the mobile.

Spy Android

6. Start monitoring the phone that you have connected.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location By Number

7. To track location by phone number, click on “location” on the left-hand side of the dashboard. The real-time location of the phone you are following will be on your screen.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location

Spyzie offers you a convenient way of spying on another phone without the knowledge of that person. At times when the other person tends to hide matters from you, it becomes imperative to pry on him. This happens with kids also. In the adolescent age, kids tend to hide a lot of their deeds not because they do not trust you but this age is such where they prefer privacy. Most kids have mobiles, and due to lack of awareness and with brimming inquisitiveness, many of them misuse it. So as parents you have to keep your child safe. With the advent of the internet and social media, while on the one hand protecting your child has become a tougher job, on the other it has become a necessity of the hour.

Track location by phone and know the other activities of the phone using this simple technique of Spyzie.

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