TheTruthSpy Reviews and the Best TheTruthSpy Alternative 2018

It’s becoming increasingly common that people are using smartphone spy apps like TheTruthSpy to hack and spy on people’s phones to get the information they need. These people include parents, employers and doubtful individuals in relationships.

However, one of the biggest contenders for the top spot on the market is the TheTruthSpy, a multi-featured app that claims to provide the full spying service you need. However, with so many TheTruthSpy alternatives available, you need to make sure that you’re making the best decision possible.

So, let’s find out in depth at TheTruthSpy reviews and whether there are any better TheTruthSpy alternatives.

What is TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy is a seemingly complete spy solution that users can install onto a target phone or computer to gather information from that device. This information includes messages that are sent, calls that are made as well as information on website browsing history and even download history.

TheTruthSpy Reviews

The app is currently used by all kinds of people mentioned in the introduction and contains a vast array of features mentioned below.

  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Remote control commands
  • Internet history and download tracking
  • Social media app usage tracking
  • Remote photo/video folder access

Price - $21.99 / $25.99 / $30.99 per month (depending on the package you choose)

TheTruthSpy Reviews

As with any kind of software, you’ll want to check past customer reviews to see whether the app is the app that you’re looking for. Here’s a detailed analysis of the platform.

Pros - TheTruthSpy Reviews

  • Multiple tracking features
  • Easy to install
  • Call recording feature
  • Works on both iOS and Android devices
  • Dedicated TheTruthSpy for WhatsApp app

Cons - TheTruthSpy Reviews

  • An expensive solution compared to other alternatives
  • May not work on some untested devices
  • Problems with rooted or jailbroken devices
  • Recording problems with apps like Viber and Skype

TheTruthSpy Reviews from Editors

Many websites have many different opinions on the performance and quality of the app. Some of the final scores are listed below;

  • - CellSpyApps - 6.3/10
  • - TheTruthSpy Official Website - 8.4/10
  • - Cell Tracking Apps - 5/10

As you can see, the reviews are relatively varied. Some of the comments that these official spy app reviewers stated include;

“Although the app provides a lot of services, we do not find the application good enough based on the negative customer reviews” ¬- Cell Tracking Apps

“Because of the numerous complaints TheTruthSpy clients regarding its performance, support services and speed, our site would not recommend it to our readers” - Top Tracking Apps

TheTruthSpy Reviews from Customers

Here is a collection of some of the best customer TheTruthSpy reviews;

“I would advise people to avoid this software. Their marketing is false and did not work on my device” - David

“Support sucks, I have been trying to contact for over a month and still no response. WASTE OF MONEY. DON’T BUY” - Despoina

“Do not make payment to TheTruthSpy products - they are fleecing innocent customers by taking payments but not providing services” - Yara (5/10/2017)

A Better TheTruthSpy Alternative - Spyze

As you can see, although at first glance TheTruthSpy app looks like a genuine and high-quality spy app, it turns out that this is not the case. Even the professional reviewers are claiming that the product seems good and provides a full service yet customers who have paid for the service have a vast amount of complaints in regard to performance and support that the company provides.

One of the best alternatives currently out there on the market is known as Spyzie. Spyzie is a complete and comprehensive spy hacking TheTruthSpy alternative that is quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions on the market.

At $31 per month for the complete package, TheTruthSpy is simply far too expensive for most people’s budget, another pro point to Spyzie which is a much more affordable solution. Additionally, Spyzie can process more file types, offers 24/7-year-round support to its customers and is much easier to install, making it a much more reliable and cost-effective solution.

The best TheTruthSpy alternative - Spyze

How to Use the Better TheTruthSpy Alternative

With so many features listed above, using Spyzie as your spy app of choice and TheTruthSpy alternative, it’s a no-brainer. If you feel like this is the app for you, here’s how to get started;

Step #1 - Creating a Spyzie Account

The first thing you need to do is to create a Spyzie account. This will begin the registration process where you need to input your email address and your password. When you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to move on to start to install the app.

How to use the TheTruthSpy alternative

On the next page, you’ll need to input the name of the phone you’re trying to target as well as the owner’s age (for age-sensitive content alerts) and then choose the operating system of that device.

The installation process differs depending on whether you’re installing to an Android or iOS device so follow the instructions below.

Step #2a - Installing Spyzie for Android

For Android devices, you’ll need to take your target device and head over to the Settings menu. Once here, make sure you click the ‘Security & Lockscreen’ option and then enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option.

Then, on the installation page, you’ll need to follow the download link on the target phone to download the Spyzie apk file. Once downloaded, open the app and follow the onscreen instructions to install the app.

How to use the TheTruthSpy alternative to spy Android

Once the app is installed, the app will hide itself, and you can move onto Step #3.

Step #2b - Installing Spyzie on iOS

For iOS devices, you’ll simply need the iCloud account information (email and password) that is linked to the iOS device you’re trying to spy on.

Once you’ve inputted the email and password you’ll be ready to spy on the device; there’s no need to install anything.

How to use the TheTruthSpy alternative to spy iPhone

Please note that you’ll need to head over to the settings menu to make sure that iCloud syncing and backup services are enabled for the Spyzie service to work.

Step #3 - Using the Spyzie Control Panel

Once the app has been installed, you’ll simply need to go back to the Spyzie website and log in using the details in Step #1. You can access this on either a desktop computer, a laptop or a smartphone web browser.

Once logged in, you’ll be taken to your control panel where you can access all the features of the app using the left-hand menu. Everything is clearly labelled so you’ll be able to easy at your own leisure to see what options are open to you. All the data will instantly start coming in real time, so you can be spying straight away.

TheTruthSpy Alternative 2018

As you can see, Spyzie is extremely affordable, prides itself on world-class customer support and service, is full of features and tools you can use and is incredibly easy to install onto your target device. As a TheTruthSpy alternative, it simply doesn’t get better than Spyzie.

So what are you waiting for? Get Spying!

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