How to Spy on Text Messages from Another Phone & Computer.

If you’re wondering how to spy on the text messages someone is sending and receiving from their mobile device, you may start to think this is impossible. Spying on someone else’s phone? Surely this is the work of hackers in hoodies sitting in their bedrooms, or a top-secret government agency?

Fortunately for you, this is far from the case. There are plenty of spyware solutions out there that can help you to acquire the information you’re looking for when it comes to learning how to spy on text messages from another phone.

Of course, the easiest way would be to physically take that other person’s phone and read through the messages. However, this is not always possible if you can’t get access to the phone because it’s always on them, or they have a passcode setup that blocks access.

Whether you’re trying to check what kind of content your children are texting each other, making sure your partner isn’t cheating on you, or whatever reason you have for trying to read these messages without having access to the phone, here’s the complete guide with everything you need to know.

How to Spy on Text Messages from Another Android Phone

If you’re looking to spy on somebody else’s phone from your own Android device, the main solution you’ll want to look at is Spyzie. Spyzie is one of the world’s leading spyware applications that can be used to help you spy on text messages of another phone using your own Android device.

For this to work, all you need to do is head over to the Spyzie website and sign-up for an account. You can then follow the on-screen instructions on how to set up and install the software onto the phone you’re trying to target, which has been designed to be as easy as possible.

Not only will this process take less than 10 minutes, but it’s also suitable for anybody of any technical skill level, making it the perfect option for anybody looking to spy on someone’s text (SMS) messages.

Spy on Text Messages

Once you’ve signed up and installed the Spyzie app, you’ll be able to log into your Spyzie account using the email address and password you created in the first step. This will take you to your Spyzie dashboard where you can use the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen to select the Messages icon.

Under this menu option, you’ll see all the text messages that have been sent and received to the target device, all through your Android device browser.

Please note, if you’re installing the Spyzie app onto the Android device, you’ll need physical access to the device to install the app. Although the installation process won’t take longer than a few minutes, you’ll still need to be physically present during this time.

However, once the app has been installed, it will automatically hide itself on the device, so the original owner of the phone will have no idea the Spyzie app is installed.

How to Spy on Text Messages from Another iPhone

If you’re planning on spying on somebody’s text messages via your iPhone, the process is fairly similar. You can simply follow the installation process that we detailed above in order to install the Spyzie app onto either an Android or iOS device.

You can then use your iPhone to read the content. You can do this by accessing the Spyzie website via the Safari browser, or whatever browser you prefer to use, and then sign in to find yourself on the Spyzie dashboard where you’ll receive all the device’s SMS messages.

You can sign into your Spyzie account from your iPhone or even your iPad or iPod Touch device. It’s also worth noting that if you’re installing the Spyzie app onto an iOS device, you won’t need physical access to the device. In fact, you won’t need to install anything.

This is because the Spyzie app for iOS operating systems uses the iCloud account information that is linked with the device you’re trying to spy on.

iPhone Hacking

Obviously, you’re going to need to the email address and password of the iCloud account, but if you’re spying on somebody close to you, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you’ve input the account information, the content will be linked to your Spyzie account, where you can use your iOS device to access your dashboard from anywhere in the world.

Spy on iMessages

How to Spy on Text Messages from Computer

The final solution you have is using a computer to view all the text messages from a device that you’re spying on. This is perhaps the easiest method for you since the Spyzie dashboard is much easier to navigate from a desktop computer or laptop.

The installation process of Spyzie remains the same. You just need to sign up for an account using the website and then follow the on-screen instructions to installing the Spyzie app onto the target device based on what operating system they are using.

For a complete guide on the installation process, simply select which operating system your target’s device is using, and then click the relevant guide; iOS / Android.

Once installed, simply log back into the Spyzie website from your preferred web browser on your computer or any computer in the world, and you’ll be taken to the Spyzie dashboard. Use the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the screen to select the Messages option, and all the text message data related to that device will show up on screen.


Whether you’re learning how to spy on text messages from another phone on your computer or on your own mobile device, Spyzie provides the optimal solution that delivers results every time. In addition to spying on text messages, there’s also a range of other spying features you can benefit from, a complete list of which you can find here.

Spyzie is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and even comes with a free trial, so you can see for yourself whether this is the spyware application you’ve been looking for.

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