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Hacking social media accounts and instant messaging Apps has become very common these days. Usually parents, employers and spouses indulge in such things to keep a tab on the activities of their kids, employees and partners respectively.

Don’t we all know about WeChat Live Chat App. It is a Chinese instant messaging App that also offers e-commerce and online payment services. Since the day it was launched in 2011, it is popular among users of all age groups. The App icon looks something like this and a lot of people prefer it over WhatsApp/Messenger/iMessage, etc.

WeChat is a popular instant messaging App, and in this article we shall learn more about it and WeChat spy tool free download.

These days there is a growing need to download WeChat hack tools and we aren’t surprised why. People use instant messaging Apps for illegal and illicit activities and concerned parties need such WeChat hack tool download to monitor and regulate conversations between two or more WeChat users.

Although most people use WeChat App to keep in touch with family and friends, but there are many others who may be using this App and its features for interests that could harm an individual personally or the society in general.

WeChat spy tool free download are available readily and these tools help in snooping other people’s conversations. These tools also enable you to get aces to the entire trail of messages exchanged between the target device and third party without them getting to know that their WeChat account is hacked.

Download WeChat hack tool to hack WeChat account and conversation

In this segment we are going to examine and download WeChat hack tool. Given below are three different types WeChat spy tool free download.

1. Spyzie

There are many WeChat hacking tools and softwares available these days, but we bet there is no better WeChat hack tool download than “Spyzie”. Visit Spyzie at to know more about its exciting features and how it can help in hacking WeChat easily.

wechat spy tool free download

Price: USD 39.99 for a month for Ultimate and USD 29.99 for a month for Premium


  • Spyzie is easy to use and its demo guides will help you all along.
  • It is a download WeChat hack tool that allows its users to create an account with it, access their control panel and gain access to the target device and monitor their WeChat activities, hack their password using “Keylogger”.
  • Spyzie has a feature called “Keylogger” which makes it very unique and sought after. Keylogger features enables users to save the keys being pressed on the target phone enabling you to identify the WeChat password within seconds.
  • You need to download the Spyzie App on the target phone.
  • Spyzie keeps the identity of the tracker discrete and the target device owner does not get to know that he/she is being tracked.

2. Account Hacker 3.9.9

Account hacker 3.9.9 is a simple yet effective WeChat spy tool free download. All you need to use this software is the User ID of the WeChat account which needs to be hacked, and the rest is taken care of by this software itself. Downloading, installing and using this software is simple and you can access it from the link below:

wechat hack tool v3.9.9 download

Price: USD 39.99


  • Account hacker 3.9.9 is easy to use and has on screen instructions to help you all along.
  • All it needs you to do is enter the User Id and click “Find Password” after selecting the appropriate social network.
  • No need to download any App on the target device.

3. mSpy

mSpy is a great WeChat spy tool free download software. It is a hacking and tracking tool and works brilliantly to spy WeChat messages. It enables users to hack into someone else’s WeChat account and also monitor the trail of messages exchanged. mSpy also keeps the tracker’s identity hidden and the entire process remains discrete.

Download the software from

free download wechat hack tool

Price: $29.99/month for Basic and $69.99/month for Premium


  • Sends an installation guide on the e-mail address of the tracker.
  • The App needs to be downloaded on target device.
  • Hacking and tracking can be done via PC.
  • Gives you live updates on your dashboard about WeChat activities.

Spyzie: Best WeChat spy tool.

If you carefully scrutinize the software and their features listed above, you will realize that Spyzie is the best and most effective WeChat hack tool download. Spyzie can not only track and keep a trail of WeChat activities/messages exchanged between the target device and other WeChat Account holders, but also keep a close watch on other fronts such as monitoring other people’s calls logs, messages, locations, social media Apps and much more.

Other than WeChat, Spyzie is also capable of spying on popular social media Apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Its location tracking services are also very accurate and have helped users globally.

The simplicity of the interface attracts more and more users towards Spyzie as it has a three step procedure> Create an account and set up Spyzie> Download App on Target Device> Start spying using Dashboard.

Best WeChat spy tool

We recommend that you give Spyzie a shot. It is a one stop solution for all your spying/hacking/tracking needs and currently the best WeChat hack tool download available on the web. Users and experts from all over the world rate Spyzie and its features as un matched and something they have never experienced before. So what are you waiting for? If you find this article useful, go ahead and download Spyzie. Share is with your friends and family too!

WeChat spy tool free download software are always available, but the trick is to download the most efficient and trustworthy hacking tool. Since WeChat is a very popular instant messaging App, take our advice and use Spyzie to track WeChat messages and hack its password.

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